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Film Festivals – an event pros dream?

The Opus Agency is a company on the move. They have been named one of the top agencies for eight consecutive years by Event Marketer. So, when they post about a new trend, I definitely read about it and take note. You should too.

In a recent post, they talk about 4 reasons event pros love film festivals. Their article highlights the Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF). After reading this, I want to get involved in a film festival too!

Why film festivals?

Film festivals tend to include both independent films and studio previews that likely will be award nominees. Because of this diversity, the event draws a variety of attendees. Opus notes that movie buffs, foodies, wine lovers, film makers, celebrities and people who love a great party are there.

Food & Wine..
Aside from being stunning scenery in Napa (and most wine festival locations!), the caliber of the food and wine is amazing. Most film festivals, especially the NVFF pride themselves on wine pavilions, lavish parties, decadent private dinners. And did we say wine?

The venues vary like the wines and have unique personalities all their own. For an event professional, this is a dream. At the NVFF, there are venues of varying sizes and styles to fit any event you can imagine.

The Silicon Valley is a close neighbor to Napa, so its technologies have made their way to the wine and film scene. This allows event pros to not only have a great venue and food but technology on par with larger cities. The most intimate gathering to a complex keynote can be supported.
No wonder event professionals are flocking to be involved in film festivals, especially the NVFF. With those 4 items above, you can create a power house event.

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