P2P Team


Introducing Eve, the Ultimate Event Sidekick

We think that our clients are our superheroes! Our job as your sidekick is to help you dodge event obstacles that are hurled in your way as you plan for your event.

Like when your boss makes last minute changes and you still have to pull off that epic event? Or when your collateral just printed hot off the presses and you have to overnight it to the show? Or when you need a place to store and refurbish your gear between shows?

We understand your pain.

So we want to introduce you to Eve, your Ultimate Event Sidekick. Her exploits will show you how she brings everything together– every day.

Follow her as she braves new adventures from across the globe. View her launch video and stay tuned for other exciting escapades and challenges she will face, as she maneuvers the pitfalls that can befall any show.

-P2P, your event sidekicks

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